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Understanding signs, signals, & roadway markings

Vehicle control & managing risk

Negotiating intersections & sharing the roadway

Driving in urban traffic, rural areas, & expressway

Driving in adverse weather & handling emergencies

Effects of alcohol & drugs on driving

Distracted driving

Basic vehicle maintenance

and other topics ...

Our Classroom

Welcome to the online program,
This is how it works and what you can expect.

  • You must complete a total of 24 hours of online lessons.
  • You must complete the online classes and have their certificate of completion from the online company before we will schedule the driving portion
  • This entire process involves three (3) different certificates.
  • You will need to "order" your 1st certificate, (Certificate of Enrollment). Follow the prompts, you do not need to pay to have your certificate expedited. Once you receive your certificate of enrollment from the online company you can contact the driving school and we will get you on our list to begin in-car driving lessons. You can also elect to wait until you complete your online lessons to contact us to schedule your in-car lessons.
  • Once you complete all 24 hours of training with the online company, you will need to order your 2nd certificate (Certificate of Completion of an Online Program). You do not have to choose the expedited shipping.
  • Once you complete your 8 hours of in-car lessons you will need the 3rd certificate (Certificate of Completion). This is the Certificate you NEED to take with you to the testing station. Without our final certificate you cannot take your driving test. In order to receive this final certificate from us we will need the 2nd certificate to keep on file at our school. So keep in mind that if you complete your driving with us before you finish the online classes, you will not receive the 3rd and final certificate unless and until you provide the 2nd certificate from the online company to us at the driving school.
  • The State of Ohio does not allow faxing or emailing any certificates so any unexpected delays in US mail are beyond our control. Because of this, do not schedule your driving test until you have received your final certificate from the driving school.
  • The driving school does not have any ability to settle technical issues with the online lessons. You must contact the igottadrive help desk at 1-877-336-6872 or email them at support@igottadrive.com.


Learners Permit
Drivers License:


  • We cannot schedule any student to drive until the tuition is paid in full.
  • We ONLY pick up in Trumbull County. If you live outside Trumbull County, we will arrange a meeting place.
  • There will be a $30.00 charge for any student who misses /forgets a scheduled drive without calling at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled time to cancel that drive. You must have your permit in-hand when the instructor picks you up. Failure to show a valid permit on each drive will result in having to cancel the drive.
  • Do not schedule your driving test with any exam station until you have received your Certificate of Completion. Once you have received your certificate, you can schedule your driving test on-line at http://www.ohiodrivingtest.com/ or by calling your local exam station. Click here fo
  • Do not lose your certificate. Parents must sign a notarized affidavit for lost certificates. There will also be a $10.00 charge to issue a new certificate.
  • Parents must sign an affidavit stating you drove with them for at least 50 hours. Ten of those hours must be nightime driving. You can download and print an affidavit at: http://publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/bmv5791.pdf
  • Do not show up late for class. If you come late you will need to leave and re-take the class on another date. This is a strict requirement of the State of Ohio.
  • The contract/agreement you signed is good for six months from the date of signing. You may be asked to pay an additional fee if you fail to complete the course within six months.
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